Interview with Silvia Cecere, a young Italian singer.

Interview with Silvia Cecere, a young Italian singer.
by Giulio de Nicolais
Who are you? 
I am Silvia Cecere, I am 21 years old and I come from Casapulla in the province of Caserta. 
What zodiac sign are you?
My zodiac sign is Capricorn.
Your favorite pizza? 
My favorite pizza is the white sausage and the french fries.
Brief history of your professional career.
My musical genre consists of playing and having fun with music using different genres and languages ​​on a single musical base, known by all as a mashup that often adds a specialty, namely the beatbox. Passionate about music since I was a child, I started to approach singing and self-taught guitar, getting good results. Always continuing to study, because they are constantly evolving to grow artistically.
Your favorite music? 
My favorite musical genre is pop which contains many harmonies and words that very often reflect me taking me to a universe of my own. 
Your favorite book? 
My favorite book is "I, you and the sea" always by Marzia Sicignano, because she talks about topics related to adolescence in the daily life of us young people, to always have to give an account to the society that tries to annihilate if you are not in stereotypes.
What do you have in the pipeline? 
I am working for two unpublished works, one in Italian and the other in English, followed by Dr. Diamond's Sound Music Marilanda Maiello who is building me artistically, I started recently but immediately gave me the opportunity to participate in live broadcasts in Malta in the early evening. Furthermore, I will have a lot of news very soon. 2020 although this is a historic moment that we are experiencing because of the virus, my plans continue, as soon as possible I will participate in international contests and I will be proud to represent Italy through the song. 
Any advice for young people? 

I recommend always pursuing your dreams and you must never stop growing, studying and perfecting yourself and there will always be many people ready to prevent us from telling us that what we dream can only remain a dream and that's where we have to show how determined we are. Today finding serious people who follow and listen to our dream is not easy, but I was lucky enough to meet her who above all loves to share emotions with young people today she is my manager. 

Pubblicato: 09/04/2020


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