Interview with Michela Deguara, a young singer, from the island of Malta

by Marilanda Maiello 

Interview with Michela Deguara, a young singer, from the island of Malta

Who are you? 

My name is Michela Deguara, I am 21 years old and I am from the island of Malta.I am the youngest of 3 childrens. I am currently attending the last university in Management in Health and Social Care.I love acting, I had the opportunity to act during two shows in Malta in "Jesus Christ Superstar" playing the role of Maria della Maddalena, the second the show based on the story of "Mother Teresa of Calcutta".I play two musical instruments the alto sax and the piano.I am passionate about theater, opera and classical music.Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri, Andrew Lloyd Webber and John Williams are my favorite composers.I am a person who tries everything and does not look down. If something goes wrong, I will find the positive side in that situation and I will not lose hope and try again until I reach what I want.
For me, friends consider me a good listener, I am a very cheerful and cheerful and I become a comedian when it comes to going out.My second passion after singing is cooking I think I am very good, I believe that when we have passion we can achieve excellent results while always remaining humble.I am lively and very talkative, determined, romantic and emotional.I love to travel abroad, the favorite city is Turkey together with their language.
What zodiac sign are you?
I was born on july 23 my zodiac sign is leo, and i am quite dented.
Your favorite pizza?
It is difficult to answer a question that speaks of food but if I have to choose my favorite is the marinara because I am a lover of seafood.
Brief history of your personal career?
I am a singer, I started singing at the age of 12 until today. I had several opportunities when I joined the choir and sharing the stage with Mro Wayne Marshall, Philip Welsh, Karl Jenkins accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Malta. I participated with singing in Vatican City during the Pope's audience in Rome. I participated in several international contests such as Germany, Belarus, Armenia and in Italy, I sang as a guest in TV programs such as Sajf ma Gaffiero and The Entertainers during the Entertainers Singing Challenge. 
Your favorite music?
My favorite music is mainly classical, then the theatrical one and the movie soundtracks. The reason why I love classical music as they adapt perfectly to the mood in which I am.
Your Favorite author?
Definitely Nicholas Sparks! When it comes to reading a romance novel, Nicholas Sparks has it all and has the touch. It is my favorite because when he writes a book based on a film like The notebook, for example, it makes me shiver and has something in his writing that immerses me in history and ends up living in the book, imagining me there as I am one of the characters.Your favorite book and why?My favorite book is Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook. It is my favorite because the details he wrote and when comparing the story with the film it leaves me breathless.
What do you have in the pipeline?
Currently I want to complete the university and graduate. Then I will try to insert myself in the working world and build my musical path.Also build and improve in singing, study abroad and compare myself.I would like to visit a country that I prefer Turkey, maybe have an opportunity to carry out a volunteer job related to my area of ​​expertise and maybe live there for a few months, learning their language and understanding their cultureA tip for young people:Keep aiming high and never give up! The best thing to do is to keep trying and trying. When things don't go as planned, don't worry about redoing them and maybe making a change or change. The best motto I love is Winston Churchill who says: "Success is not definitive, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that matters". With the hope as soon as possible the historical period that we are living will end I will participate in a contest in Italy dedicated to the great singer Mia Martini thanks to dr. Marilanda Maiello also together we are preparing several news for my artistic construction .... soon the unpublished will be ready in ENGLISH language.
Pubblicato: 16/05/2020


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